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Find the best uPVC windows for your home

uPVC Windows

  • Highly energy efficient
  • Exceedingly secure
  • Range of colours and woodgrain finishes
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Long lasting and lifetime guarantees
Find the best uPVC window style for your home

Versatile and suits any home

uPVC is a simple choice offering high energy efficiency. Designed so it is strong, robust and secure. With a wide range of styles and options to choose from, there is an option to suit all properties.

Our uPVC window options

One-piece garage doors


  • Our most thermally efficient window
  • Flush sash option replicating the look of timber
  • 12 colour options
  • Smooth or wood grain
  • Highly secure GrabLock
Everest uPVC sash window


  • Direct replication of a traditional design
  • Smooth running mechanisms
  • Six colour options
  • Smooth or wood grain
  • Traditional sash window furniture
Everest uPVC tilt and turn window

Tilt and Turn

  • Opens in for easy cleaning
  • Tilts for secure ventilation
  • Five colour options
  • Smooth or wood grain
  • Georgian bars to retain a cottage style

uPVC Windows Gallery

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Explore 12 different coloured uPVC windows

Available in single or two tone options, with a different colour on the inside and outside of your home.

  • Grey Cedar
  • White
  • White Woodgrain
  • Cream Woodgrain
  • Light Grey
  • Olive Grey
  • Chartwell Green
  • Natural Oak
  • Golden Oak
  • Rosewood
  • Anthracite Grey
  • Black Woodgrain
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Popular uPVC window options

Triple Glazing on Everest uPVC windows

Triple Glazing

Enjoy extra warmth and comfort in your home with our triple glazing windows, boasting an unprecedented A++ energy efficiency rating.

View triple glazing ❯
Georgian bars on Everest white Georgian uPVC windows

Georgian Bars

Georgian bars can either sit between the glass panes for easy cleaning or externally for a touch of authenticity. Ideal for traditional or conservation properties.

Everest Smoothweld technology on uPVC windows


Our Smoothweld technology gives you an almost invisible corner joint. With clean, seam-free lines and no deep grooves that might harbour dirt, this option allows for a beautiful, flawless aesthetic.

Traditional and contemporary window framing options on Everest uPVC windows


Traditional framing options giving you a choice of equal sightlines for a balanced look, while contemporary allows panes and openings to vary in size.

Guaranteed for peace of mind


We offer a range of comprehensive guarantees on our windows including lifetime against fog, condensation and discolouration. Plus, our guarantees are transferrable should you sell your property.


Choosing new uPVC windows can be a daunting task, so to help you here are some popular FAQs which you might find useful.

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    Can you paint uPVC windows?
    The short answer is yes you can paint uPVC windows. However, it is important to know that new uPVC should not be painted. Windows that have been recently installed should be left for a minimum of 12 months before attempting to coat with paint. uPVC will appear less shiny and hydrophobic after a year, which helps paint bind to the surface.
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    What does uPVC stand for?
    uPVC stands for Unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride. Also known as vinyl, it is rigid, durable and long lasting material used in the construction industry. Typically, uPVC is used for making pipes and windows, due to its maintenance free properties.
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    How long do uPVC windows last?
    Typically, you can expect your uPVC windows to last around 20 years. If your windows were installed in the late 1990s (phase 1 uPVC) then it is likely due to efficiency, technology and manufacturing improvements that they could need replacing or at least repairing by now.
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    Can you change handles on uPVC windows?
    Before you upgrade your uPVC window handles with a brand new replacement you need to know what size you need and whether it is a left hand or right hand handle. Make sure you check the size of the handles you are replacing before purchase. The main measurement you need is the spindle length (the piece of metal that sticks out of the back of the window handle to connect directly into the uPVC window).
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    Can shutters be fitted to uPVC windows?
    The process to fit shutters to uPVC windows is the same as that for timber frames. Whilst fixing the shutter frame into place on uPVC simply stop drilling once you feel the screw you are using trying to bite. It is important to think about the handles of the windows whilst fixing shutters into place. Do they protrude into the window recess? You need to ensure that there is no clash between the window handles and louvres of the shutters once opened.
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    Can you change brown uPVC windows to white?
    Painting your brown uPVC windows white is a very cost effective way to change the colour of your windows. However, you will need to use the correct paint and will have the job of maintaining them if you want to keep them looking there best. More recently homeowners are opting for a variety of colours when it comes to windows. Black, Grey Anthracite and Chartwell Green are all becoming vastly popular when it comes to the exterior of the home.
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    Are uPVC windows fire resistant?
    uPVC materials are naturally flame retardant and will not support or enhance the development of fire. uPVC windows, unlike Timber frames, do not support the combustion and are self-extinguishing.
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    Are grey uPVC windows more expensive?
    By opting for a coloured uPVC window in favour of the traditional white frames, you could expect to see an additional cost of around 15-20%. Costs will depend on the type of colour you choose and whether you decide to have the same shade on the inside and outside of the window frame.
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    Can I fit uPVC windows in a conservation area?
    If you live in a conservation area and find yourself looking to replace your windows, you need to ensure its appearance from the street is in keeping with the area and original character of the building. Timber is the preferred choice in many conservation areas, however you are able to replace them with uPVC counterparts as long as their appearance is not considerably different from the original design. Any changes will need to be approved by the local authority.
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    Do you need to install lintels before having uPVC windows?
    Most windows and doors will have some form of lintel. These are put in place to provide strength at weaker points within a building. Lintel failure within a home can cause serious structural problems. Therefore, it is important that the condition of any existing lintels are checked be a professional before installing new windows.
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    How secure are uPVC windows?
    Upgrading your windows to double glazed uPVC units will not only improve the appearance of your home but also provide the additional benefit of added security. Everest Exclusive uPVC casement windows are fitted with GrabLock, which has a minimum of three times the locking surface area of many standard, multi-point or shoot-bolt window locking systems, making it our most secure lock ever.
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    Are uPVC windows double glazed?
    uPVC is used the most for double glazing windows, due to its efficient properties and low cost. A double glazed window is available in a variety of options, with the most popular being a casement. Casement uPVC windows are usually the cheaper of all the options and come in various colours and design options.
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    Can I screw into uPVC windows?
    In short answer, yes you can screw into uPVC window frames. That said you need to ensure you drill clear of the glass. If you drill too close the sealed unit then the unit could explode. You will also need to check with your window manufacturer, to establish if drilling into the uPVC windows invalidates your guarantees. You will also have to take into account that the holes once made cannot be repaired.

The benefits of Everest uPVC Windows

Virtually maintenance free Everest uPVC windows on the exterior of a modern home

Virtually maintenance free

Our uPVC windows are built to last and extremely easy to maintain. uPVC is a durable material which will never rot, rust, peel or flake and is also lead free and fully recyclable. They also come fitted with easy clean hinges so they only need an occasional wipe down using warm, soapy water to stay looking great all year round.

How to clean uPVC window frames

Warmer and quieter

Our uPVC windows are A+ rated as standard and made-to-measure for a perfect fit. The frame and sash have multi-chamber profiles to prevent heat escaping and low-e internal glass to reflect heat back in. The gap between the panes is filled with Argon gas to ensure cold air stays out and the separating spacers are coated in a low conduction material to hold in more heat. Then there’s the double weather-resistant Q-Lon seals to keep out rain and draughts. It’s all this that keeps your home warmer, quieter and helps save you money on energy bills.

Everest white upvc windows viewed from the interior of a contemporary furnished living room
Close up of GrabLock developed by security experts Yale on Everest white uPVC window

Strong and Secure

With Everest you can rest assured you’re getting windows that meet the British Standard for security so your home is offered the highest level of protection. We use internal glazing bead, to prevent glass being removed from the outside by would-be intruders. Our casement windows are fitted with GrabLock, developed with lock expects Yale and accredited by the official police initiative - Secured by Design. If you opt for sash, the traditional style fitch lock is secured into a galvanised steel reinforcement for additional rigidity.

Everest's latest customer window reviews

5 star review for garage doors
An excellent service right from the beginning from dealing with the sales consultant to the professional surveyor that spent some detailed time on everything we required. The two fitters that came and went each day fitted our new windows without any fuss or delay , they cleaned up after themselves and finished the windows in the time expected. A top class service from a professional and courteous company. Tracey 6/8/18

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