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Sliding Sash Windows

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Beautiful new sash windows for your home

  • Retain the beauty of period homes
  • Made-to-measure - no jams or rattles
  • Energy efficient & weather resistant
  • Low maintenance uPVC option
  • Guaranteed for peace of mind

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Timber sliding sash window
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The benefits of Everest sash windows

Outside view of white uPVC sash bay windows on a home

Adds authentic charm

One of the main reasons for choosing sash windows is the aesthetic value they add to a property. Sash windows will preserve the classic look and historic charm of period properties, whilst giving you the benefits of modern window technology to help keep your home warm, quiet and more secure. Not only do they complement classic styles and retain the beauty of Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian properties, sash windows can be also fitted into a variety of properties including modern day new builds. Everest sash windows are available in timber, finished with a choice of paint or stain to highlight the beauty of the grain, or alternatively in uPVC, available in foiled woodgrain finishes to replicate the natural grain of wood windows and we use a product specific trim around the edge of windows for a neater finish.

Longevity and easy maintenance

Sash windows are hung from the top corners, rather than from the side like a hinged window. This makes them less likely to distort under their own weight so they will have a longer lifespan. Our beautiful sash windows require minimal care and maintenance to keep them looking and working in premium condition for a lifetime. Our uPVC sash windows in particular, are virtually maintenance free and will never rot, rust or flake. For timber sash windows, out wood is laminated and engineered for added strength and durability, and our painted options are finished with high quality microporous paint, for optimum, long-term resistance to the elements and easy maintenance.

Close up of the sash lift on a uPVC sash window from Everest which is virtually maintenance free
Close up of a white uPVC sash window with one sash open to give ventilation

Practical design

Sash windows are as practical as they are stylish, as they can be narrowly opened at either the top or bottom for ventilation without the issue of rain blowing into the room. For security, the frame has restrictors so the window can be opened slightly without leaving your home completely vulnerable and several other security features including key-lockable, ‘Secured by Design’ accredited fitch locks, ensure they are safe, secure and reliable. Our sash windows are designed and sealed against draughts and damp air so energy efficiency is not compromised either. Made-to-measure for a perfect fit and A rated for thermal performance, our sash windows have multiple weather seals and Low-E glazing which reflects heat back into the room, preventing heat loss and helping lower energy bills.

Popular Everest sash window options

A brass sash life on a white timber sash window from Everest

Hardware and finish

Our uPVC sash windows are available in a range of colours including uPVC foiled finishes and high quality paint and stain timber finishes. For the perfect finishing touch, our sash windows come with a choice of furniture and fittings in classic brass for a traditional feel or chrome for a more contemporary style.

Close up of Georgian bars on a timber stained sash window

Georgian bars

Create an authentic look with optional Georgian bars, which can either sit between your glass panes for easy cleaning or externally for a touch of authenticity.

A sash horn on a timber sash window painted in chartwell green

Sash horns

On the underside of the top sash section there is an optional component known as a horn. There are two types available; plant on horns and through horns. Through horns offer a richer more authentic aesthetic with the bottom section “butting” against the side sections.

A sash window with traditional cords and weights opening mechanism

Innovative mechanisms

The opening mechanisms on our timber sash windows are hidden, giving the windows a smooth, tidy appearance whether you select authentic cords and weights, or opt for the modern twist with spiral balances, which ensure the window opens smoothly. The spiral balance allows for a thinner profile which means more light and warmth.

Part of a stained timber sash window which shows the beauty of the grain

A choice of timber

Our timber sash is available in Softwood (European Redwood) or Hardwood (Red Grandis) - both of which are responsibly sourced and accredited by the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC). Our wood is laminated and engineered for layers to specially bond together adding strength and rigidity. For even further durability our softwood is finger jointed to eradicate knots and resist twisting.

Guaranteed for peace of mind


Everest sash windows are fitted with a 10 year guarantee against fog and condensation between the panes, 30 years against rot of timber and fungal attack and 10 years on the whole window including foiled finishes and hinges. Plus, we also offer a 10 year against flaking and discolouration on white uPVC and 5 years against peeling and cracking on timber.

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All our products are bespoke, so to provide an accurate quote an appointment is required. Simply fill in the form below and let us know a time that suits you. Partial or full completion of the form will stimulate a follow up to confirm the appointment.

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